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Companion Animal Health brings the most advanced technologies in pain management, rehabilitation, diagnostics, and regenerative medicine. Whether your goals are to heal and reduce pain, regenerate and repair tissues, diagnose and record treatment success, or provide rehabilitative modalities, Companion has a solution that will benefit your patients and your practice. Come see why Companion Animal Health is known for superior quality products and unparalleled service and support.

101 Lukens Drive, Suite A New Castle, DE 19720 Tel: 302-709-0408
Equipment Sponsored: Lasers, weight distribution mat, CRT system



Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal, Inc., has developed and manufactured herbal products that can improve the health, quality and productivity of your patients since 1999. All of our herbal products are manufactured strictly in compliance with cGMP regulations and standards. Jing Tang brand herbal products are distributed exclusively through licensed doctors for the best and safest care of the consumers. Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal also distributes TENS units for rehabilitation, electroacupuncture units, acupuncture supplies and more.
4815 NW 8th Street
Ocala, FL 34482

Equipment Sponsored: TENS unit



GingerLead dog support & rehabilitation harnesses’ patented design combines a padded belly sling with an attached leash & handle.  GingerLeads provide superior comfort, control and support for dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery or injury and aging dogs needing assistance with balance or mobility.  Male and female slings are available and they are machine washable. Slip collars are provided for veterinarians to convert the GingerLead’s leash into a slip lead for technicians using them in hospital.

Liz Rubinstein

Equipment Sponsored: Support/rehabilitation harnesses 






Hudson Aquatic Systems, designs and manufactures underwater treadmills and therapy pools for the canine, equine and human markets.  The company started in 1927, manufacturing therapy pools for Polio victims.  In 1998, the first AquaPaws® canine underwater treadmill and in 1999 the first AquaPacer® equine underwater treadmill systems were made.  Today, Hudson has installations in veterinary colleges, military, hospital and therapy centers worldwide.  We offer 24/7 service and water care support.

Website Link:


Phone (260)665-1635

Equipment Sponsored: Water and land treadmills



At Walkin’ Pets, our mission is to provide innovative, medical-grade products to pet care professionals who are working in the field to enable aging, injured, and disabled pets to live happy, healthy lives. Together We Move Pets!
Veterinary Outreach Support is 866-578-2926 
Email is

Equipment Sponsored: Carts and slings

Digatherm by ICI, provides advanced, industry-leading medical thermal imaging systems for large and small animal practices.  Digatherm’s portable, hand-held devices combine superior imaging equipment with the first veterinary-specific software, allowing easy capture, analysis, and reporting of thermal data.  Visual thermal images allow easy identification of patient conditions that require further diagnostics.

5100 FL-40 #1000
Ocala, Florida 34482
(855) 727.9939

Equipment Sponsored: Medical thermal imaging system



ELvation USA Vet is the home of PiezoWave2 Vet Shockwave therapy. This modality is a focused approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries and promoting deeper more complete healing in animals. This unique advanced shockwave allows treatment with no pain at the skin's surface and thus rarely requires sedation. Our practitioners are finding it extremely useful alone or in combination with their lasers. We pride ourselves on being a customer-centric company and providing the highest quality product. 

Equipment Sponsored: PiezoWave



Hero is an orthotic company that specializes in the fabrication of custom braces for injuries to the stifle, carpal and tarsal joints. Bracing can be a great alternative when surgery is not a viable option. While surgery is often still the gold standard, bracing has proven to be an effective treatment for many cases. Whether it is for a CCL tear, an achilles tendon injury or any other type of orthopedic/neurologic damage, bracing can help a dog find stability and get back to being active. 



Equipment Sponsored: Braces and materials


Respond Systems, Inc (RSI) has been manufacturing Class3b and Class 4 lasers and PEMF therapy  for veterinary use in the USA for over 35 years.  As a leader in R&D, RSI’s mission is to improve the lives of animals through two of the most effective, versatile, and non-invasive therapy modalities on the market today.

Lisa (Mix) Miksis

Respond Systems

office: 203.481.2810

mobile/text: 203.619.2209

WhatsApp: +1.203.619.2209

20 Baldwin Dr

Branford, CT 06405

Equipment Sponsored: Lasers