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Student Feedback

The knowledge I gained in this course is empowering. I feel it has taken me to the next level as an equine practitioner and applies to everything that I do. This should really be taught in vet school to all students tracking equine.

Kirsten Voigt Frederickson, DVM

I am very happy that I chose this course! It teaches spinal manipulation just the way I always thought it should be done. I have felt like too many people use too much force.

Erin Haas, DVM

his course has expanded my knowledge base and allowed me to view the horse in more than just the traditional manner. No matter how talented the veterinarian, this course will improve your practice skills.

Brian Garrett, DVM

This course goes well beyond the scope of a "chiropractic" CE. It provides a tremendous resource for equine veterinarians craving more hands on diagnostic abilities as well as honing the eye to anatomical and physiological changes in the horse's dynamic motion. It explains the "why" in so many movement abnormalities appreciated on a daily basis in our sport horse population and gives us a non-invasive method for addressing the "problem" on the day.

Kim Keeton, DVM

Great course, learning a lot.

Jenn Winnick, DVM

I am so very grateful for the wonderful education I received during my time at PELI*. The program was well-organized and presented this "alternative" therapeutic technique with a scientific approach that helped me truly understand why spinal manipulation and adjustment benefits horses so much. The course was a wonderful review of equine anatomy, physiology, and neurology and integrated all of those into the working horse from a clinical standpoint. I greatly appreciate that the course was taught only to equine veterinarians ... having a strong foundation in the core scientific knowledge is imperative for us to be able to safely & effectively treat horses with this alternative modality. I believe strongly that incorporating spinal manipulation and adjustment into my equine sports medicine practice has significantly enhanced my ability to help maintain the equine athletes I see on a day to day basis.

Dawn A. Loesch, DVM, Diplomate, ACVS

*Now a part of IVMI

Carla is a wonderful instructor! She has such a clear grasp of the biomechanics of horse movement. She presents the course material with a clear descriptive manner that keeps it interesting and informative. The carryover from classroom to lab to real world use is a smooth one largely due to her teaching. I would and I have recommended this course to anyone interested in treating horses -- be it high end performance horses or back yard pleasure horses. The benefit to any type of practice is definitely measurable.

Shari Silverman, VMD