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Session One (Online)

 模块 1(网络授课)

  • Introduction to Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 康复与运动医学概论
  • History of Canine Rehabilitation and Legal Issues 小动物康复发展史及相关法律知识简介
  • Introduction to Physical Therapy Terminology and Outcome Measurements 理疗专业术语与疗效评估概述
  • Applied Exercise Physiology in Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 运动生理学在小动物康复和运动医学上的应用
  • Canine Gait and Posture 犬的姿势和步态分析
  • Applied Nutrition in Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 营养学在小动物康复和运动医学领域的应用
  • Applied Behavior in Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 动物行为学在小动物康复和运动医学领域的应用
  • How to Perform Neurological Exam 神经学检查
  • Common Neurological Conditions 常见神经系统疾病
  • How to Perform Orthopedic Exam 骨科学检查
  • Common Orthopedic Disorders from Head to Toe常见骨骼系统疾病
  • Imaging in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine: Elbow 影像学在康复和运动医学领域的应用:肘关节
  • Imaging in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine: Hip Dysplasia 影像学在康复和运动医学领域的应用:髋关节发育不良
  • Imaging in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine: Skeletal Diseases in Young Dogs 影像学在康复和运动医学领域的应用:幼龄犬的骨骼疾病
  • Pain Physiology and Assessment 疼痛生理学及评估
  • Wound Healing Strategies 创伤愈合策略
  • Review of Head, Cervical and Thoracic Limb Musculature 头、颈和前肢的肌肉组织汇总
  • Review of Abdominal, Dorsal and Pelvic Limb Musculature背、腹和后肢肌肉组织汇总
  • The Business of Canine Rehabilitation 犬康复的运营管理
  • Canine Anatomy: Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System 犬的解剖:骨骼肌肉系统的结构和功能
  • Evidence of Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise运动疗法发挥作用的证据



Session Two (Hybrid)



  • Land Exercises地面运动
  • Thermotherapy 热疗
  • Hydrotherapy 水疗
  • Electrotherapy 电疗
  • Therapeutic Ultrasounds 超声疗法
  • Electromagnetic Therapy 电磁疗法
  • Shockwave Therapy 冲击波疗法
  • Manual Therapy 手技疗法
  • Laser Therapy 激光疗法


  • Welcome and Overview 课程概述
  • Review, Q&A, Discussion 课程回顾及答疑讨论


  • Muscles 肌肉
  • Landmarks, Flexibility, Assessment 骨性标志,弹性及评估
  • Manual Therapy手技疗法
  • Electrotherapy 电疗
  • Land Exercises 地面运动
  • Thermotherapy 热疗
  • Hydrotherapy 水疗
  • Therapeutic Ultrasounds 超声疗法
  • Shockwave Therapy 冲击波疗法
  • Laser Therapy 激光疗法
  • Putting it Together: Development of Rehab Plans 总论: 制定康复策略


Session Three (Online)

模块 3 (网络授课)

  • Introduction to Canine Sports 犬的运动简介
  • Canine Kinematics and How It Relates to Performance 犬运动学及其与性能的关系
  • Canine Locomotion and Gait Re-training Strategies 犬运动分析与步态重塑策略
  • Core Training and Conditioning for Canine Athlete  赛犬的训练
  • Common Canine Sports Injuries: Causes, Rehabilitation, Recovery and Prevention 犬常见运动损伤:病因,康复,恢复及预防
  • Pharmacological Management of Pain 疼痛的药物控制
  • Non-pharmacological Management of Pain 疼痛的非药物控制
  • Rehabilitation for Acute Post-operative Management术后立即康复法
  • Rehabilitation for Common Orthopedic Disorders 常见骨科疾病的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation for Common Neurological Disorders  常见神经疾病的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation for Geriatric Patients 老年犬的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation and Nursing Care for Recumbent Animals 躺卧动物之康复及护理
  • Choosing Devices for Ambulation Assistance in Rehab Patients 康复病患移动辅助设备的选择
  • Rehabilitation for Hospice, Palliative, and Cancer Care 临终护理,姑息疗法和癌症的护理
  • Rehabilitation for Other Internal Medical Conditions 其它内科疾病的康复疗法
  • Thinking Out of the Box: Unusual Case 特殊病例的康复疗法
  • Feline Rehabilitation 猫的康复
  • Nutraceuticals, Supplements and Herbals 保健品、膳食补充剂和中药的应用



Session Four (Hybrid)



  • Regenerative Medicine再生医学
  • Obesity肥胖症之康复疗法
  • Lab Values Canine Rehab and Their Role in Clinical Decision Making Rehab实验室值图在康复中的应用及其在康复策略中的作用
  • Zoonotic and Infectious Disease Awareness, Prevention, and Control Strategies in Canine Rehab康复中对人畜共患病及传染病的意识、预防及防控策略
  • Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Assistive Devices矫形术,修复术和辅助器具在康复上的应用
  • Reg Flag and Cautions for Rehabilitations Patients I & II康复病人的禁忌及注意事项
  • Rehabilitation for Pocket Pets, Wildlife, Exotics口袋宠物、野生动物及异宠的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation Practice Business Strategic康复的经营管理策略
  • Hot Topic in Rehab制定康复计划的几点建议
  • Acupuncture and Tui-na for Canine康复辅助疗法:针灸和推拿
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome: Causes, Testing, and Treatment肌筋膜痛综合征:病因,检查及治疗


  • Session Review and Discussion 模块概述及讨论
  • Joint Injection 关节注射
  • Veterinary Orthotics, Making a Good Impression 矫正术
  • Review and Discussion Session 回顾及讨论


  • Casting 固定
  • Joint Injection 关节注射
  • Thermal Imaging 热成像
  • PRP 富血小板血浆

Written Exam 笔试
Practical Exam 实操考试