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Session One (Online)

 模块 1(网络授课)
24 Hour Lectures: 24

  • Introduction to Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 复健与运动医学概论
  • Canine Anatomy: Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System 犬的解剖:骨骼肌肉系统的结构和功能
  • Introduction to Physical Therapy Terminology and Outcome Measurements 理疗专业术语与复健疗效评估概述
  • Applied Exercise Physiology in Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 运动生理学在小动物复健和运动医学领域的应用
  • Gait and Posture in Canine 犬的姿势和步态分析
  • Applied Nutrition in Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 营养学在小动物复健和运动医学领域的应用
  • Applied Behavior in Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 动物行为学在小动物复健和运动医学领域的应用
  • How to Perform Neurological Exam 神经学检查
  • Common Neurological Conditions 常见神经系统疾病
  • How to Perform Orthopedic Exam 骨科学检查
  • Common Orthopedic Disorders from Head to Toe 常见骨骼系统疾病
  • Imaging in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 影像学在复健和运动医学领域的应用
  • Pain Physiology and Assessment 疼痛生理学、评估与管理
  • Tissue Healing Physiology 组织修复生理学
  • Review of Head, Cervical and Thoracic Limb Musculature 头、颈和前肢的肌肉组织汇总
  • Review of Abdominal, Dorsal and Pelvic Limb Musculature 背、腹和后肢肌肉组织汇总
  • Getting Started in Rehabilitation Facility and Business 复健设备及如何运营
  • History of Canine Rehabilitation and Legal Issues  小动物复健发展史及相关法律制度简介

Session Two (On-site) – 5 days


20 Hour Lectures: 20小时讲座

  • Gait Analysis 步态分析
  • Overview Canine Anatomy/Musculoskeletal Structures 实用犬解剖学及骨骼肌肉系统总论
  • Rehabilitation, Orthopedic and Neurologic Exam 实用康复、骨骼和神经学检查总论
  • Therapeutic Modalities 康复仪器治疗各论
  • Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy温热疗法和冷冻疗法
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound 超声疗法
  • Electrical Stimulation 电疗
  • Therapeutic Lasers 激光疗法
  • Shockwave Therapy冲击波疗法
  • Acupuncture针灸疗法
  • Therapeutic Exercise 康复运动疗法各论
  • Kinematics of Exercises in Dogs犬运动学
  • Exercises for Proprioception, Balance, and Joint Position Awareness本体感受、平衡和关节定位训练
  • Therapeutic Exercises: Joint Motion, Strengthening, Endurance and Speed Exercises 运动疗法:关节肌肉强度及灵活度训练、耐力和速度训练
  • Therapeutic Exercises: by Body Regions 身体各部位训练
  • Manual Therapy 康复手技疗法各论
  • Joint Mobilization and End Feels 关节松动术和末端感觉
  • Range-of-Motion and Stretching Exercises关节运动范围和伸展锻炼
  • Massage按摩
  • Rehabilitation Program and Home Exercise Designing 院内康复及家庭运动策略
  • Rehabilitation for Common Orthopedic Conditions 常见骨骼疾病的康复疗法概论
  • Rehabilitation for Common Neurologic Conditions常见神经疾病的康复疗法概论
  • Rehabilitation for Post-operation 术后的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation for Wound Care 伤口护理的康复疗法
  • Quality and Outcomes Measures for Rehabilitation 康复疗效和成果之测评

16 Hour Wet Labs: 16小时动物实操课

  • Canine Anatomy/Musculoskeletal Structures 犬解剖学/肌肉骨骼实操
  • Posture and Gait Analysis  姿势和步态分析实操
  • Rehabilitation, Orthopedic and Neurologic Exam 康复、骨骼和神经学检查实操
  • Hands-on Therapeutic Modalities, Exercises and Manual Therapy 康复治疗仪、运动疗法和手技疗法实操
  • Hands-on Strengthening and Conditioning Exercises 肌力与体能训练实操
  • Aquatic Therapy 水疗实操

Session Three (Online) 模块3(网络授课)

23 Hour Lectures: 23小时讲座

  • Pharmacology in Rehabilitation 康复疗法之药理学
  • Common Injuries in Canine Sports 赛犬常见的损伤类型
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics 矫形器和义肢
  • Rehabilitation for Common Disorder in Thoracic Limbs: 前肢常见疾病的康复疗法
  • Osteoarthritis, Medial Shoulder Instability, Elbow Dysplasia, Biceps Tendinopathy, Contractures, Brachial Plexus Avulsion, Carpal Valgus/Varus/Hyperextension, Sprung/Flat Toe, etc 骨关节炎、肩关节内侧不稳、肘关节发育不良、肱二头肌肌腱炎、挛缩、臂丛神经撕脱伤、腕关节内翻/外翻/过度伸展、弯曲/扁趾等
  • Rehabilitation for Common Disorder in Pelvic Limbs: 后肢常见疾病的康复疗法:
  • Osteoarthritis, Iliopsoas Injury, Hip Dysplasia, Cranial Cruciate and Meniscal Ligament Diseases, Patellar Luxation, Contractures, Calcaneal Tendinopathy, Tarsal Valgus/Varus/Hyperflexion, Sprung/Flat Toe, etc. 骨关节炎、髂腰肌损伤、髋关节发育不良、前十字韧带和半月板韧带疾病、髌骨脱位、挛缩、跟骨肌腱炎、跗关节外翻/内翻/过度伸展、弯曲/扁趾等。
  • Rehabilitation for Geriatric Patients 老年犬的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation for Vestibular Syndrome 康复疗法在前庭症候群的应用
  • Peripheral Neuropathy and Plexus Injury, Neuromuscular Diseases, Traumatic Brain Injury 周围神经病变和神经丛损伤、神经肌肉疾病、创伤性脑损伤
  • Rehabilitation for Amputee 截肢犬的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation after Total Joint Arthroplasty 犬全关节置换术后的康复治疗
  • Rehabilitation for Critically Injured Patients 重伤犬的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation for Hospice and Palliative Care 康复疗法在安宁护理上的应用
  • Cardio-Respiratory Rehabilitation 心肺疾病的康复疗法
  • Cancer Rehabilitation 癌症的康复疗法
  • Rehabilitation for Other Medical Conditions 其它内科病的康复疗法
  • Introduction to Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 实用肌肉软组织超声诊断在康复的应用
  • Home Nursing Care in Disabled Patients 伤残犬的家庭护理
  • Supplements and Nutraceuticals in Rehabilitation 营养保健品在康复的应用

Session Four (On-site) – 4 days


12 hour Lectures: 12小时讲座

  • Rehabilitation case-based discussion  康复案例分析
  • Core and Balancing Training Concepts for Performance Enhancement 核心训练和平衡训练对竞技水平的促进作用
  • Strength and Conditioning in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 健身及保健对预防伤害及康复的作用  
  • Optimizing Canine Athlete Recovery 优化赛犬康复计划
  • Obesity and Weight Loss 肥胖与体重下降的康复疗法
  • Peripheral joint and Soft Tissue Injection Techniques (Local Anesthesia) 外周关节和软组织的注射技术(局部麻醉)
  • Assistive Devices and Bandaging 辅助器具和包扎在康复的应用
  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine 针灸和中兽医
  • Medical Manipulation (Chiropractic) in Rehabilitation 整骨在康复中的应用
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy 肌筋膜压痛点疗法
  • Regenerative Medicine 再生医学
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy高压氧疗法
  • Tui-na Therapy 推拿疗法
  • Rehabilitation for Avian and Exotic Animals 鸟和异宠的康复疗法
  • Feline Rehabilitation 猫的康复疗法
  • Development of a Rehabilitation Equipment and Facility 康复设备与设施的设计和实践
  • Development of a Rehabilitation Team and Business 康复团队和经营管理策略

12 Hour Wet Labs: 12小时的动物实操

  • Hands-on Rehabilitation Cases 康复病例实操
  • Orthotics, Prosthetics, Assistive Devices and Bandaging 矫正术、假肢、辅助器具和包扎实操
  • Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 肌肉骨骼超声诊断实操
  • Aquatic Therapy水疗实操
  • Canine Acupuncture 犬针灸实操
8 Hours 笔试和实操考试
Last day of the class: Written exams* and Clinical exam*