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IVMI developed plans for COVID safety taking into consideration federal, state, health, and local guidelines. We are prioritizing the safety of our students, instructors, employees, and community volunteers. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and provide updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will face masks be mandatory?

Face masks will be mandatory indoors for all students, employees, and community volunteers. One face mask per day will be provided to those who do not have one.

2. Will hand sanitizer be available?

Hand sanitizer will be available during all on-site classes, throughout our campus buildings, in designated areas. 

3. Will there be additional attention to cleaning?

Yes. The campus will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout class days, including but not limited to door handles, library computers, restrooms, tables, and chairs. 

4. What additional measures are being taken for the HVAC system?

Ultraviolet Germicidal Light (UVGi) Air Sterilization Systems is installed throughout Chi’s campus. These systems utilize UV-C light, the most effective for germicidal control.