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Certified Veterinary

Medical Manipulation

Practitioner CE Course

Dr. Langlois Painted horse Wet lab

Exclusively for Veterinarians

  • IVMI is the only school that offers basic spinal manipulation instruction, exclusively to veterinarians. 
  • At IVMI, veterinarians are able to learn Veterinary Medical Manipulation (VMM) more efficiently.


World Renowned Faculty

  • The IVMI VMM faculty team consists of world-renowned experts in animal care. 
  • They will demonstrate how the most advanced diagnostic techniques and a combination of conventional medicine, spinal manipulation and acupuncture can give your patients a better chance to heal and succeed.


Supportive & Positive Environment

  • Students are encouraged to question and explore. 
  • Lectures are structured in a logical, step-by-step, easy to understand way. 
  • Lifetime free case consultations with the faculty are offered via email and online discussion


Extensive Hands-on Learning

  • IVMI recognizes the need for an intensive focus on hands-on learning. 
  • In this 119-hour VMM course , 40 hours are dedicated to intensive learning in hands-on wet labs.
  • Small groups and experienced instructors maximize the individual attention for each student.


Use our directory to locate CVMM practitioners and clinics near you. 

Our directory of Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute alumni is intended for use by potential clients to locate veterinarians who can provide Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation (CVMM) service for their animals or for CVMM practitioners to find and connect with others in their field.  Enter a zip code, city, or region in the space below and click "Search" button (do not press the Enter key) to find local CVMM practitioners in the area.