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 1:30-1:45 Welcome   Dr. Carla Pasteur
 1:45-2:35  Adjusting Techniques  Dr. Allison Marshall
 2:50-4:50  Lab  Drs. Pasteur, Marshall, Fish,
 Vitazkova and Redman
 5:00-6:00  Discussion of Techniques  Group Discussion

8:30-9:20  Myofascial Therapy Dr. Allison Marshall
9:30-10:20  Caudal Cervical and Cranial Thoracic Techniques Dr. Sean Redman
10:40-12:30 Lab Drs. Pasteur, Marshall, Fish
Vitazkova and Redman
12:30-1:30  Lunch
1:30-2:20  Movement Assessment Test Dr. Pasteur
2:40-4:30  Lab 
Drs. Pasteur, Marshall, Fish,
Vitazkova and Redman
3:30-4:30  Presentation of Lab Cases Group Discussion
 Online Lectures: Dr. Carla Pasteur
1 The Static Story
2 Stability, Movement and Control
3 Cervical Dysfunction
4 Back Pain
5 Densification and Trigger Points I
6 Densification and Trigger Points II
7 Uncontrolled Movement I
8 Uncontrolled Movement II