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Schedule and Tuition

Session 2020 Class Tuition  
1 Online: July 1 - September 16, 2020
2 On-site: September 17 - 20, 2020 $1,825 
3 Online: September 21 - November 4, 2020 $1,125
4 On-site: November 5 - 8, 2020

Tuition, Fee and Discount Policy

  • $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. Early registration tuition rate is based on the registration date when the deposit is paid. 
  • IVMI and/or Chi Graduate Discount: $400 off ($100 off each session’s tuition).
  • No Certification Discount: $350 off the Session 4 Tuition (for the student who doesn’t want to participate the certification exam).
  • A printable PDF file for class handout can be downloaded from the remote learning portal. A hard-copy class handout binder can be ordered at $50 per session to be delivered in mail or for pickup on-site.
  • Tuition is due 60 days before the start of each session. A late payment fee of $50 will be charged for any payment received within 60 days of the session starting date.

Class Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations may be made by phone but a cancellation letter must be submitted to the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute via fax, mail or email and signed by the student who is canceling before the refund is issued. The following cancellation fees apply. In fairness to others, we cannot make exceptions.

  • Cancellation requested more than 30 days prior to the Session – 100% refund.*
  • Cancellation requested 8-30 days prior to the Session – 50% refund.*
  • No refund within 7 days of the Session.

* For all refunds of payment by credit card, 4% of the refundable amount will be charged as a transaction fee.